Saturday, January 2, 2010

ocarina poems

  1. Majestic Voice
The wind through the tree branches blow
And through the stream the waters flow
But what is this sweet sound I hear
Listen close and follow near

The ocarina music sweet
Is a gift, a pleasant treat
Follow it and you shall hear
The sound that I do hold so dear
How nature sings this soothing sound
It is a treasure to be found
And every nation shall rejoice
to hear the ocarinas majestic voice

2.A minute or a day
What do you do, what do you say
When you the ocarina play
Play a tune or make a song
Play a minute or all day long

3.Ocarina Haiku
Ocarina sweet
Beautiful musical wind
All players rejoice

4.Kiss the wind

Kiss the wind with your sweet sound
Tenderly touch the heart
As your music reaches near
Your mystery I'll always hold so dear

5.Hero of Time

Music playing
We adore
Valiant effort
Ending war

Bringing peace
As we declare
Music flowing
In the air

It is called
That brought
The great Tryrants

The Hero of Time
His powerful key
Ocarina of time
For all to see

6.Little flute
This little flute
Born of wind and clay
Makes a gracious tune
That I may play all day
You see my ocarina here
You want it but you see my dear
It is mine, I'll never part
Find your own, a piece of art

Playing music
Soft or loud
Round about
May start a crowd

And all shall see
What joy it brings
To hear
The ocarina sing

Its soothing sound
Shall satisfy
Their need to hear
Its wondrous cry


Songbird the ocarina is
Listen to its voice take wings
Listen as the Angel sings
Feel its splendorous bliss
Grant my heart's every wish